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RWIEF Education

Right of Way International Education Foundation


Why is it so important?

Billions of dollars are spent annually in the acquisition, management and transfer of rights of way. With the technical skills required in this field, specialized education and training is essential. To ensure that right of way professionals maintain the highest standards of competency, new courses and training programs must keep pace with the evolving marketplace

What is the RWIEF?

The Right of Way International Education Foundation (RWIEF) is a non-profit tax exempt corporation. Classified as a public charity under the IRS Code beginning in 1978, all contributions made to the RWIEF are tax deductible.

What is their purpose?

The foundation was established for the primary purpose of funding right of way education initiatives. Since continuing education and professional development are essential to the growth and advancement of our profession, the foundation focuses on generating financial contributions and determining how to best allocate those funds on behalf of the right of way profession.

What type of programs does the RWIEF fund?

With over $1.2 million in assets, the RWIEF takes astrategic approach in determining which right of way educational programs to support. Over the last few years, funding has been allocated to projects that fall within these categories:

  • New Course developemnt
  • Revamping of existing courses
  • Web-based training programs
  • Educational summits
  • Career development and outreach

Who contributes to RWIEF?

We appreciate the generosity demonstrated by IRWA members, individuals and companies who make charitable contributions throughout the year. Through membership renewals, donations from chapters, regions, and funds generated from the annual auction and golf tournament, the RWIEF has been able to keep pace with increasing educational demands.

What are some ways to contribute?

  • Include a donation with your IRWA membership renewal
  • Collect funds through your chapter
  • Donate an item to the annual auction
  • Support the annual golf tournament

What do you get in return?

Donating to any worthy cause instills a sense of pride. Giving back to one's profession takes that feeling of pride to an entirely new level. By supporting the greater cause, we can make an impact for ourselves and on those who follow in our professional footsteps. Plus, all donations are tax deductible!

Who benefits from these programs?

As the professional development needs of today's right of way professional evolve, individuals involved in all aspects of right of way will benefit from the advancements made in education.