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RWIEF History


historyIn 1972, the Association published its seminal text, “The Principles of Right of Way.” An important milestone was the creation of two education foundations. In June of 1976, ARWA’s Board of Directors elected to adopt a separate, non-profit corporation known as the Right of Way International Education Foundation (RWIEF) with the purpose of expanding educational offerings and the professional development programs, provide scholarships, recognition awards and grants to ARWA members, as well as promote and conduct studies on important issues affecting the right of way profession. In its first year, RWIEF was tasked with overseeing and expanding the three major scholarship funds bestowed at the time by ARWA, the Frank C. Balfour Scholarship, the Mark A. Green Award, and the Gene L. Land Award. In 1979, the Board moved to create a separate foundation for Canada, the Canadian Right of Way Education Foundation (CRWEF).

These educational developments were responding to the growing needs of the members. Beginning in the late 60s, and really taking off in the 70s, was a sea of change in the scope of right of way work. In the past, right of way agents had been expected to be a jack of all trades - appraising, negotiating, engineering, as well as acting as title clerk, relocation agent and property management specialist all at the same time. The knowledge base of these “oldschool” agents tended to be extensive but vague. In the early 70s, specialized agents with specific, expert knowledge in one field became more desirable. This trend was reflected in the educational advancements made by the American Right of Way Association – better access, increased course options and specialized education staff to coordinate course offerings. Members could now take courses that focused more on advanced training, and went beyond the basic principles.


RWIEF Past Presidents

Carol Croft, SR/WA
2011 - Present

David W. Sinclair, SR/WA
1998 - 2011
C. Jeffery Triplette,SR/WA
1992 - 1998